My Foolproof Guide in Looking Gifts for Men

manIt is common for most people to experience difficulty in looking for a gift for the male species. With the uproar of technology and gadgets, the recipient may disregard or dismiss your gift. In addition, the recipient may not notice the effort you made in looking for the perfect gift. Do you find it challenging to look for great gifts for your loved ones or special someone? Or looking for that special something for Dad? It is indeed challenging to get ideal gifts for men. I did find it very challenging and thought, these could be the reasons why:

Most of men’s clothes and accessories are expensive. To really find a good one would mean browsing through different store chains before coming back to finally purchase the item. This is probably because they will only need limited pieces and these limited pieces should be very good quality and be in their favorite brand of clothing.

There are limited ideas to for the male gender. Can you think of at least ten gift items that are specifically for the male gender in one minute? Shorts, bag, shirt, car, shoes. Then you end up empty. You will either end up with a convenient, personalized mug or a unisex shirt or pants.

gifts for men

If you hardly know the person, you might end up with something that the male recipient won’t be using at all. What should be your best guide to shopping for your gift? Here are a couple of things I did to ensure that I don’t wrap something ordinary for the male gender:

When you are out looking for a gift for your boss, or your colleague, you should always try to look for something impersonal, classic and practical. First, it should be impersonal. You don’t want the recipient to think that you are giving something because you want something from them. Be careful that your gift could bring with it other meaning than what it is intended for – a gift, nothing more, nothing less. It should be classic that it will not be outdated. This will ensure that the recipient will use it for a much longer time. It should also be practical, in the sense that it will not sit on his cabinet unused and unnoticed. For executives as well as the business-minded, and even the professors, they will surely appreciate something that they can use in their chosen field. A business diary or planner, as well briefcases for men are such materials that can very well serve like an inert friend for them.

Add a personal touch to the gift. Even the simplest gift can be personalized. There are brass plates that you can buy. These brass plates are usually available in varied sizes and shapes. Some come in oval or round shapes. These can perfectly fit a small portion of your gift. For instance, that diary planner can be personalized with an engraved oval brass plate on its cover. Look for services that provide such materials. The brass plates can also serve as a small but elegant gift. Once a brass plate is engraved and a small hole is punched on it, it can also serve as a small key chain.

Sports-related gift items. If the recipient is an avid fan of specific sports, you can also look for an ideal gift in a sports shop. Golf balls, tennis balls or basketballs are great and will not dent your budget. Camping gear and accessories will definitely bring out the excitement with any male recipient. The simple flashlight or headlight as well as pocket Swiss knife are great ideas for them.

Something for the head. Men like wearing caps and hats. You can pull run to your local hat store and look for something that best fit the personality of the recipient. Baseball caps and sun visors are great gift ideas for the young adult while sun visors will be very good for those who like golf and outdoor sports.

Car Accessories. One of the things that men love, next to beautiful women, is their car. Bring something that can make driving easy like a small pillow for the car seat or a wireless earphone so they can drive while talking on the phone.

A Good Book. A good book can always find a spot even for the non-avid reader. If the recipient is not fond of reading texts, look for books that have lots of illustrations like comic books for the young adult. This is also a favorite gift for men, especially if they collect antique comic books. On the other hand, a serious adult can also benefit from a good book. Do some research on the type of books the male recipient likes to read and see if he’s looking forward to read something, which he plans to buy.

With this guide, you will not run out of gift ideas for the male gender. Just don’t forget, “it is the thought that counts.”

Throwback Monday – My Wedding Day

wedding cakeNo one can forget their own wedding day. It is a day full of love and promises to keep. It is indeed one of the most important days in a woman’s life. If lucky enough, she gets to prepare for her wedding day in about three to six months. I attended a wedding and was shocked to know that the couple only has a month to prepare for their wedding. I was surprised because it doesn’t show on any part of the wedding. Everything was in perfect order. I guess that’s how weddings are, no matter how long or how short you prepare for them. Such a beautiful wedding made me reminisce how my own wedding came to be as successful as my marriage. I started actually with a list during the months of preparation:

Wedding Planners. I listed down friends who have talents in hosting, organizing, troubleshooting problems as well as some close family members that are great with ideas. I called them and assigned them to be my wedding planners. Actually, my husband and I did all the planning. We just delegated the tasks to make it easier. Except for the wedding gowns, my husband’s tuxedo and photographs of my wedding, we delegated the sourcing out to our very reliable wedding planners.

Wedding Gown. Shopping for the wedding gown may be an exciting idea, but it is also stressful. You get confused by the many choices. If only you could pick them all. Well, since we will be getting married in Anstey Hall, I needed to find something that befits that great-looking place! So I chose a strapless lace ball gown with intricate embroidery details. For my veil, I chose to wear a two-tiered chapel-length veil with lace ambridg. It was simply gorgeous! My hair was set and Mom gave me the family heirloom. I was so excited to wear her crystal vine necklace with large oval crystal. I bought a pair of crystal flower bouquet earring style and matched it with a crystal vine bracelet.

Wedding Photographer. For my wedding photographer cambridge, I chose Mom’s recommendation. I find her choices intelligent and elegant at the same time. The photos were all lovely and I never regretted getting these photographers for my wedding. They even suggested some pre-wedding photo shoots for us so that we can be comfortable with them as well as test how the light reacts with our skin. They said, this way, they are able to put our best. How right are they for doing so!

Wedding Food and Music. My wedding planners were so reliable that my wedding food is exquisite as well as the music. No one was left out during the dance with the bride and the groom and everyone was joyous during the event. Food tasting was done prior so I have no worries about that. My friend’s choice of music was pretty much the same with our choices and my friend’s hosting capabilities were impeccable.

Indeed, a wedding is the most favorite and most celebrated event in one’s life. I can never argue more with how perfect my own wedding went.

10 Things We Learned From Turning Our Garage Into a Games Room

Gaming is of no choice of age and gender. Old, young, male or female – it is an interest that has been around from generation to generation. Now, when playing, a designated place would be great, so that you can have an area to really relax and just have fun.

Hence, we made use of an underrated part of the home, the garage.

Extra useful space. Aside from being a storage for your cars and other belongings, the garage can be turned into something you want, which, in this case, is a sort of gaming arena.

Flooring. If you are to renovate, one that must be focused on first is the groundwork. It is basically what takes up the space and so, it must be made durable and able to bear the weight of everything. There are many types such as interlocking rubber floor tiles for garage, where the installation is very easy. Cleaning and maintenance will not be much of a chore as well.

Supposing you want to entrust the job to the experts, you can look for and hire garage flooring fitters.

Wall paint. To dramatically change a room’s atmosphere, well, going with a new coat will definitely do wonders. Whether you are to go dark or bright is your prerogative but it stands you will have to get paint that is strong and long lasting.

Windows. You can choose to completely cover your windows, like really get rid of them, or just make use of draperies. The latter can be a good way to still bring colour and style to the area.

Doors. For your garage doors, you must check if they are still in sound condition. Your locks should also be of high quality. Nevertheless, the responsibility will be in your own hands. Always remember to close and lock them up for your safety.

Light and Ventilation. Whether you are to stay all day and all night in your gaming room, proper lighting and air must be inside, so that you will be with utmost comfort.

Furniture. This is also the same with the furniture pieces you put inside. Make sure they are functional and comfortable. On top of that, do not overcrowd the place and just do arrange it well.

Technology. Gaming nowadays can be mostly with the use of computers and so, you must decide whether you are to just utilise your existing one or maybe buy a new model. When you are to play, computer specifications should really be top notch.

Electrical Matters. And with technology, of course, you will have to make sure that circuits, wirings and all that are properly done. This is to avoid any complications such as fires and gadget damage.

Storage. A play room can have toy collectibles, gaming CDs and DVDs and other merchandise. Hence, you need to have depositories that can effectively keep them hidden from view if not in use. Having them with locks would be great as well. There are many cabinets out there that you can purchase.

Wellington Now

Okay.. for the many whose bucket list include a visit to our beloved Wellington – thanks mostly to the film industry – oh yeah The Lord of the Rings! Wellington is awesome because of its natural landscape. And here’s a quick tour from a native!

First Stop

Ngauruhoe, like numerous parts of New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in their entirety, was provided new emblematic value by Jackson’s films, which succeeded 17 Oscars, set box-office documents, and inspired an impassioned pop-culture complying with no place much more so compared to in New Zealand. Everybody in the city believes they had a job played in the making of the movie. This was claimed by the movie’s film editor Jamie Selkirk.


Considering that Mount Doom is the center of Tolkien’s fable of mankind’s fascination with power, Ngauruhoe’s symbolic development was particularly significant. Doom, in Mordor, is where Tolkien’s hero, the hobbit Frodo Baggins, should make the all-powerful One Ring to make sure that it can be ruined. None of New Zealand has actually been even more transformed by Jackson’s films, and by the expanding film-production market they triggered in the city, compared to the city of Wellington, at the North Island’s southern tip. In spite of being the country’s resources, Wellington has actually played second fiddle to Auckland. But Wellington’s show-business success has actually brought status to the city and helped support a dynamic scene of dining establishments, shops, cafes, and galleries.

Second Stop

Actually, there is, in town, an endless discussion about whether Wellington’s show-business success was birthed of this community’s culture or whether the very best of Wellington culture was birthed of the box-office jackpot. The topic’s possibly irresolvable, however there’s no doubting that the culture and the business are enjoying the success the films brought in.

The town’s café’s many of which are serving deliciously brewed coffee compare favourably with many first class cities’ finest cafes. The ideal bar in community, Motel, opened just as the Lord of the Rings odyssey began, and came to be tale when the actors playing hobbits and the special-effects people who made the actors into hobbits made it their off-hours hangout.


Every person you meet are friendly. They don’t hesitate to ask when you’re leaving and where you’re going. Regarding half of the populace of 4.4 million lives in rural locations, farming and fishing are amongst the country’s major occupations, and travelling ranks amongst practically everybody’s beloved pastimes.