The Kiwifruit Blog is a site about the things we love about the city we love. Since we started, we’ve been promoting and writing about its many interesting aspects: places to get drunk, things to go and see, events to participate in, bands to listen to, plays to watch, comments on local news, restaurants to eat in, and places to see.

Nathan Long is a blogger, traveller with a dog that follows him everywhere. He started the Kiwifruit blog after travelling in Europe and terribly missed his home city.

 Joan Meed has worked in the internet since its conception. She has retreated to her home or where ever her workplace is. She was last seen in 2012 when the team convened physically for the first and last time. Since then, it has been calls, voice mails, emails and the endless chat. Her online presence is 24/7 but refuses to show up for a drink. She gets onlione projects beside blogging here.

Joanna Verizon has started calling herself the fashionista geek because she thinks she is. She arranges our schedules and nags the bloggers for posts and deadlines. She coordinates with other writers and bloggers and site owners to C O O R D I N A T E she eternally insists. And she does a good job as she keeps us abreast of anything and everything.  She handles the marketing and the publishing of this site.

 Tim Rose loves to partey! He can come up with a blog in 20 minutes about last night’s happening. No hang over whatsoevah. All details remembered with links provided. After posting and kissing us all slurpy wet one, he’s off to another gig. He plays base guitar in one of the bars in Wellington. Read on to find out where.

Stephen Dean is our film reviewer. He claims he owns any movie we utter. And he writes about it.

Anna Gales eats and dreams. She wanders about Wellington for food dives. She goes even further to being invited by owners and local residents to try their recipe. Because she writes a delicious review on the just tasted dish.

The Kiwi Team also features a tourism services for individuals interested with a unique tourism experience in New Zealand. Ask away at the contacts page to find out how!