Pretty Astonishing To Know We’ve Got a New Zealand Gang!

Well, I’m not too astonished about New Zealand having its own notorious gang. I mean most people won’t assume that New Zealand, as peaceful and lovely as it looks, could be a home for crooks and impolite people…. Read More

10 Things We Learned From Turning Our Garage Into a Games Room

Even if you don’t think about it, we Kiwis love gaming as much as anybody in the United Kingdom or the United States or anywhere in the world. Youngsters like me love gaming and this post is dedicated to… Read More

Want To Live In New Zealand? Have You Heard? We’re Having The Best Internet Connection The World Has Ever Known

It would seem my home is about to get even better. The government had recently installed the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) which would connect New Zealand to the world faster with faster video streaming, uploads and video conferences…. Read More