Wellington General Guide


As a citizen of Wellington for too long, I bring my foreign friends to my country and have them experience the best this country has to offer. No, we don’t go for trips to see Kiwis (but it’s a whole lot of fun!). Instead, we do the following.

  1. I Take Them To Te Papa

Te Papa is a free national museum. It’s a great first stop because I get to tell them the history of my home. The museum has the country’s history, geography and it tells about the evolution of our native people. There’s even multi-media displays and the like.

  1. Mount Victoria

The next day, if they’re up for it, we go to the top of Mount Vic to have a 360 view of Wellington and everything else here!

  1. Waterfront

Wellington’s waterfront is just relaxing and beautifully full of boat docks, beaches and cafes. If you’re in the mood to kayak or sail in the harbour, you’ve got what you need.

  1. Cuba Street

Cafes? Want to watch people? Want to hang around and see the culture all around? Let’s hang out in Cuba street!

  1. Weta Cave

Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings, lives in Wellington and Weta Cave is a filmmaker’s delight!